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Filtration Specifications

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Flow Rates - Air
Flow Rates - Air
Flow Rates - Oil
Flow Rates - Oil
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It's easy to design a filtration system or a specific filter for your equipment using Allied Group's standard filter elements.

Our cost efficient replaceable filter elements are manufactured in a multitude of lengths, diameters and wall thicknesses, with excellent flow characteristics, making it easy for the customer to replace existing elements or having one designed for new equipment.

Our elements do not require support, and with end plates or baffles to guide the flow, they can be used without a housing. Elements are made of resin impregnated viscose cellulose material. Our process produces filters with exceptional heat tolerance and excellent corrosion and chemical resistance, with micron ratings of 75 down to under 1 micron. Efficient and effective filtration is assured with either an inside -out or outside -in flow. Liquids and gases are filtered as they pass through the graduated density network of intertwining fibers. Impurities are trapped throughout the entire depth of the element NOT just on the outer layer.

Our manufacturing process produces a high strength seamless self-supporting cylindrical filter with a graduated variable density, which leads to high efficiency depth filtration and high particle holding capacity.

We can manufacture dual density filter elements using different media or microns. This type of dual density filter replaces a pre-filter unit leading to longer service life.

  • Low Cost
  • Excellent Flow Characteristics - Low Pressure Drop
  • Seamless - High Loading Capacity
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Excellent Heat Tolerance
  • Self-Supporting - Long Life
  • Graduated Variable Density - Standard
  • High Efficiency Depth Filtration

    Standard Sizes*
Outside diameter
550.00 mm
9.50 mm
Inside diameter
248.00 mm
4.75 mm
Wall thickness
16.00 mm
1.60 mm
914.00 mm
Can be exceeded on special orders

Dimensional and Structural Tolerances
Outside diameter
up to 1.49"
up to 38 mm
+/-0.50 mm
1.5" to 2.49"
38.1 to 63 mm
+/-0.64 mm
2.5" and up
63.5mm and up
+/-0.89 mm
Inside diameter
all sizes
all sizes
up to 5.99"
6" and up
153mm and up
Temperature resistant - continuous 250°F ... 120°C
Temperature resistant - intermittent 360°F ... 180°C
Temperature range: -50F to 250F
Filtration range - from under 0.1 um up to 100 um
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