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Allied Groups coalescing filters are designed for all compressed air, natural gas, refrigeration, NCG/NGV and Air/Oil filter applications. Our coalescing filters can be designed with oil mist removal efficiencies up to 99.9999% with working pressures to over 5000 PSI. More >>

Our Fiberglass Filter Element is an industry standard for Liquid / Liquid Separation. Our liquid liquid separators are designed for fuel water separation, oil water separation and any other hydrocarbon/water separation. More >>

Allied Group manufacturers intake and/or discharge silencers for blowers, compressors, engines, vacuum pumps, air motors, pneumatic equipment, fans and any other application that requires reduced noise level. More >>

Sintered metal filters are manufactured from bronze, brass and stainless steel powders via powder metallurgy process.
Metal filters of various geometric shapes are suitable for filtration gases and liquids. More >>

Allied Group's line of filter elements and silencers range from 0.1 - 100 microns. Filters for ail/oil, liquid/liquid and noise separation. Whether it is a filter for a CNG engine, reducing noise from pneumatic equipment or separating water from jet fuel or oil, we can retrofit or design a filter for your application.
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Liquid / Liquid Separators
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Sintered Metal Filters
Sintered Mufflers
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Coalescing Filters

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