Liquid/Liquid Separators and Oil/Water Separators and Filters

Liquid-Liquid Phase Coalescer Separators/Filters are used to separate 2 liquids. Used in refineries, production fields industrial application and applications where the removal of water from hydrocarbon condensate, diesel and jet fuel are needed.

The Liquid/Liquid Separators are also called Oil/Water Separators that are mainly used to separate water from a hydrocarbon based liquid.
Our filters can be designed or manufactured to fit existing vertical or horizontal coalescer separator housings. The filter/separator “filter” solids and separate two immiscible liquids.

We can manufacture filters that are over 99.99% efficient at separating liquids. We can also manufacture a filter/separator to act as a “knock out” filter, removing large amounts of water prior to a higher efficient filter separator.
These quality products are designed for installations in petrochemical plants, refineries, power plants, bulk storage terminals, offshore platforms, manufacturing plants and many other industrial applications.