Compressed Air/Gas

Below is a partial list of competitors we can cross reference. Allied Group can manufacture coalescing filters for most any application, and cross reference most manufacturers Part Numbers. We have the capability to manufacture filters from 0.50" ID x 0.50" long to over 8" on the OD and 8 feet long.

We manufacture 5 Grades

A: 99.995%
B: 99.97%
C: 98.5%
D: 95%
E: Adsorber (carbon)

Applications vary, but we manufacture for a variety of applications and industries:

  • Air Brake Coalescing Filter
  • Air Brake Systems that use Coalescing Filters
  • Compressed Air Systems
  • Compressors that requite a high efficiency Coalescing Filter
  • Coalescing Oil for almost any application
  • Coalescing Filters used in the Refrigeration Industry

You can create your own PN by using the chart below, or send us your drawing for us to either duplicate your current filter or have us manufacture a custom filter for your application.

Microglass Filter Product Key

Parker Grade
4 = 99.9995%
6 = 99.97%
8 = 98.5%
10 = 95%
A = 99.995%
B = 99.97%
C = 98.5%
D = 95%
E = absorber
Grade A
ID Core
P = Plastic
M = Metal
Blank= No Core
ID OD Length OD Core
P = Plastic
M = Metal
Blank = No OD Core
Blank = No Drain Layer
Blank = No Outside Netting
U = Urethane
S = Silicon
M = Metal
Blank = No End Cap

We can manufacture other sizes. Just let us know your requirements.

OD standard sizes 0.5 / 0.75 / 1.00 / 1.5 / 1.75 / 2.00 / 2.5

We can manufacture other sizes. Just let us know your requirements.

Length standard sizes - 1" - 1.25" - 1.5" - 2.00" / 2.5" / 5.00" / 6.00" / 7.50" / 10.00" / 12.00" / 18.00"

We can manufacture other sizes. Just let us know your requirements.

Competition Competition PN Competition Competition PN
Balston 050-03-BX Parker 6H04-010-X-10
Balston 050-05-BX Parker 6H04-013-X-10
Balston 050-11-BX Parker 6H04-023-X-10
Balston 100-09-BX Parker 6H10-020-X-8
Balston 100-12-BX Parker 6H10-025-X-8
Balston 100-18-BX Parker 6H10-050-X-4
Balston 100-25-BX Parker 6H10-070-X-4
Balston 150-19-BX Parker 6H15-060-X-4
Balston 200-16-BX Parker 6H20-035-X-4
Balston 200-35-BX Parker 6H20-090-X-2
Balston 200-80-BX Parker 6H20-187-X-1
Balston 050-03-CX Parker 8H04-010-X-10
Balston 050-05-CX Parker 8H04-013-X-10
Balston 050-11-CX Parker 8H04-023-X-10
Balston 100-09-CX Parker 8H10-020-X-8
Balston 100-12-CX Parker 8H10-025-X-8
Balston 100-18-CX Parker 8H10-050-X-4
Balston 100-25-CX Parker 8H10-070-X-4
Balston 150-19-CX Parker 8H15-060-X-4
Balston 200-16-CX Parker 8H20-035-X-4
Balston 200-35-CX Parker 8H20-090-X-2
Balston 200-80-CX Parker 8H20-187-X-1
Balston 050-03-DX Parker 10H04-010-X-10
Balston 050-05-DX Parker 10H04-013-X-10
Balston 050-11-DX Parker 10H04-023-X-10
Balston 100-09-DX Parker 10H10-020-X-8
Balston 100-12-DX Parker 10H10-025-X-8
Balston 100-18-DX Parker 10H10-050-X-4
Balston 100-25-DX Parker 10H10-070-X-4
Balston 150-19-DX Parker 10H15-060-X-4
Balston 200-16-DX Parker 10H20-035-X-4
Balston 200-35-DX Parker 10H20-090-X-2
Balston 200-80-DX Parker 10H20-187-X-1

Particulate Diesel Emission Test Filters

Competition Competition PN Competition Competition PN
Balston 050-11-DH Parker 10T04-023-X-10
Balston 100-12-DH Parker 10T10-025-X-10
Balston 100-25-DH Parker 10T10-070-X-10
Balston 050-11-BH Parker 6T04-023-X-10
Balston 100-12-BH Parker 6T10-025-X-10
Balston 100-25-BH Parker 6T10-070-X-10
Balston 200-35-BH Parker 6T20-090-X-10

Note: 'T' Tubes are baked at 900°F to eliminate all hydrocarbons.

Particulate Filter

Competition Competion PN Competion Competition PN
Balston 050-03* Parker *G04-010-X-10
Balston 050-05-* Parker *G04-013-X-10
Balston 050-11-* Parker *G04-023-X-10
Balston 100-12-* Parker *G10-025-X-10
Balston 100-25-* Parker *G10-070-X-10
Balston 150-19-* Parker *G15-060-X-10
Balston 200-35-* Parker *G20-090-X-10
Balston 200-80-* Parker *G20-187-X-10
Balston 050-03*Q Parker *T04-010-X-10
Balston 050-05-*Q Parker *T04-013-X-10
Balston 050-11-*Q Parker *T04-023-X-10
Balston 100-12-*Q Parker *T10-025-X-10
Balston 100-25-*Q Parker *T10-070-X-10
Balston 150-19-*Q Parker *T15-060-X-10
Balston 200-35-*Q Parker *T20-090-X-10
Balston 200-80-*Q Parker *T20-187-X-10
Competition Competion PN Competion Competition PN
Headline 12-32-50C Parker 6H04-013-X-10
Headline 12-32-50K Parker 6T04-013-X-10
Headline 12-32-70C Parker 10H04-013-X-10
Headline 12-32-70K Parker 10T04-013-X-10
Headline 12-57-50C Parker 6H04-023-X-10
Headline 12-57-50K Parker 6T04-023-X-10
Headline 12-57-70C Parker 10H04-023-X-10
Headline 12-57-70K Parker 10T04-023-X-10
Headline 25-127-50C Parker 6H10-050-X-4
Headline 25-127-70C Parker 10H10-050-X-4
Headline 25-178-50C Parker 6H10-070-X-4
Headline 25-178-50K Parker 6T10-070-X-10
Headline 25-178-70C Parker 10H10-070-X-4
Headline 25-178-70K Parker 10T10-070-X-10
Headline 25-64-50C Parker 6H10-025-X-8
Headline 25-64-50K Parker 6T10-025-X-10
Headline 25-64-70C Parker 10H10-025-X-8
Headline 25-64-70K Parker 10T10-025-X-10
Headline 38-152-50C Parker 6H15-060-X-4
Headline 38-152-50K Parker 6T15-060-X-10
Headline 38-152-70C Parker 10H15-060-X-4
Headline 38-152-70K Parker 10T15-060-X-10
Headline 51-230-50C Parker 6H20-090-X-2
Headline 51-230-50K Parker 6T20-090-X-10
Headline 51-230-70C Parker 10H20-090-X-2
Headline 51-230-70K Parker 10T20-090-X-10
Headline 51-476-50C Parker 6H20-187-X-1
Headline 51-476-50K Parker 6T20-187-X-10
Headline 51-476-70C Parker 10H20-187-X-1
Headline 51-476-70K Parker 10T20-187-X-10
Headline 51-89-50C Parker 6H20-035-X-4
Headline 51-89-70C Parker 10H20-035-X-4