PECO / Facet FG Series

Fiberglass Filter Separator Elements

Allied Group’s PECO Replacement Filter Elements

Filters remove particulate and liquid droplets from air and gas streams using fiberglass media. The Fiberglass filter separator element continues to be the most widely used media to protect gas compressors and downstream equipment.

Seamless Design

Allied Groups's Fiberglass filter media is configured as a seamless tube made of a three dimensional array of glass fibers with a phenolic binder. This eliminates seams and unbonded overlaps that can allow contaminant to bypass the media. Bypass leads to fouling in downstream equipment and piping associated with increased operational and maintenance costs.­

Natural Gas Transmission
Transmission station inlet and fuel gas

  • Natural Gas Processing
    Treating and dehydration tower inlets, fuel gas, meters
  • Natural Gas Production and Gathering
    Compressor suction
  • Natural Gas Distribution
    M&R station
  • Refinery
    Compressor suction and fuel gas

Phenolic impregnated seamless fiberglass, Steel Core (galvanized or tin plated), Cotton Sock, End Caps (galvanized or tin plated), Buna-N Gaskets

Model OD (inches) ID (inches) Length (inches)
FG-12 3.30” 2.10” 12.00”
FG-24 3.30” 2.10” 24.00”
FG-36 3.30” 2.10” 36.00”
FG-72 3.30” 2.10” 72.00”
FG-312 4.50” 3.24” 12.00”
FG-324 4.50” 3.24” 24.00”
FG-336 4.50” 3.24” 36.00”
FG-372 4.50” 3.24” 72.00”
FG-536 5.50” 4.18” 36.00”
FG-572 5.50” 4.18” 72.00”