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Rolled Paper Tube Filter
14B75 Filter
(also manufacture 14B75-3 replacement and custom sizes)

**Element may vary from picture.

Description: Rolled Paper Tube Filters
Performance Data
Micron Rating: 10 Nominal
Beta Rating: N/A
Collapse Pressure Rating: 75 PSID
Maximum Temperature: 275 F
Dimensional Data:
Outer Diameter 2.50
Inner Diamater 1.75
Length: 15.63
Physical Data:  
Type of Endcap: None
Centertube: None
Type of Media: Paper (phenolic resin)
Filter Area: 123 Sq. In.
Configuration: Double Open End
Packaging Data:
Number Per Carton: 25
Weight of Carton: 25 lbs

Recommended Changeout Differential Pressure = 20 PSID


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