CNG Coalescing Filter – 050100220C3KB

Part Number: 050100220C3KB (CNG Coalescing Filter)

    • Cellulose Pre-Filter and Drain Layer Impregnated with Phenolic Resin
    • Boro-Silicate Coalescing Layer for Fine Filtration
    • Rated at 0.3 Microns
    • Pressure To Over 3500psi
    • Maximum Temperature Rating: 325 F
    • Filter Physical Dimensions:
      1. Inside Diameter: 0.50”
      2. Outside Diameter: 1.00”
      3. Length: 2.20”
      4. Tolerances: + 0.03”

PN: 050100220C3KB, Coalescing Filter, is ideal for all Compressed Air and Gas applications where the air and gas needs to be filtered before entering vital components.

Allied Group’s Coalescing Filter removes any particles, oil vapor/aerosols and moisture before entering engine.

Filter is resistant to any corrosion or degradation from hydro-carbon based fuels, both gas and liquid stages.