For almost 30 years, Allied Group has been manufacturing filters for OEM’s, distributors and end users. We have 2 manufacturing locations located in Mississippi and Michigan and offices in New Jersey and Florida to service customers worldwide.

We manufacture filters using various media, including borosilicate microglass, Fiberglass, Resin Bonded Media, Phenolic Saturated Media and Sintered Stainless Steel, Bronze and Polyethylene.

Our Vacuum Formed Microglass Filters are used in almost any Compressed Air application, including but not limited to Air Compressors, CNG and Natural Gas, Instrumentation, Air Brake Systems and any application where you need to remove Oil Aerosol and Water Vapor.

Our line of Fiberglass Filters are used for Liquid/Liquid Separation, Air/Oil and Gas/Oil Separation. We manufacture Fiberglass Filters to replace existing applications and other manufacturers. We also manufacture Custom Fiberglass Filters for specific applications. We can modify the density and use various media that we “interleaf” within the fiberglass layers to achieve the desired micron, efficiency and filtration.

Many of our customers are in the Oil and Gas Industries. They use Fiberglass to Separate Oil from Compressed Gas and to Separate Oil Water, or, Water from Oil, Amine, Glycol and various other applications. We currently have the capability to manufacture filters up to 96 inches long.

Our Resin Bonded Filters are custom made for applications that require high strength and high delta P’s. We can vary the micron from 0.1 micron (using microglass) to over 100. They can be used in a Liquid or Air/Gas applications.

Our line of pneumatic mufflers and silencers can include the entire assembly or just the replacement element. We can cross referance other manufactures or custom design a silencer for your specific application.

We manufacture a line of Custom and Standard Sintered Filters for a variety of applications. The materials we use are; Stainless Steel, Bronze and Polyethylene. Varying shapes and microns is what we do.