Parker/Finite Replacement

Allied Group manufacturers Parker/Finite filters at our Michigan facility. Direct interchangeable elements covering the CU, QU, PU, DS, 7CVP, HMV, X1, XA, PS and other  series.

We can also manufacture a variety of custom filter elements for specific applications.

6CU10-025 Replacement Filter6CU10-025
We also manufacture the 6CU10-050 and other lengths including 4CU10, 8CU10, and 10CU10
6QU10 Replacement Filter6QU10-025
We also manufacture the 6QU10-050 and other lengths, including Grades 4QU10, 8QU10 and 10QU10
We also manufacture other lengths including 4CU15, 8CU15, and 10CU15
6QU15 Replacement Filter 6QU15-060
We also manufacture other lengths, including Grades 4QU15, 8QU15 and 10QU15
6CU20-130 Replacement Filters 6CU20-130
We also manufacture other lengths including 4CU20, 8CU20, and 10CU20
We also manufacture other lengths including 4QU20, 8QU20, and 10QU20
6CU35 Replacement Filter6CU25-130
We also manufacture the 6CU25-187, 6CU25-187 and 6CU25-280 including 4QU25, 8QU25, and 10QU25
6QU25-130 Replacement Filter 6QU25-130
We also manufacture other lengths including 4QU25, 8QU25, and 10QU25
6CU35 Replacement Filter6QU35-280
We also manufacture the 4QU35-280, 8QU35-280 and 10QU35-280 including 4QU35, 8QU35, and 10QU35
We also manufacture the 4CU51-280, 8CU51-280 and 10CU51-280
We also manufacture the 4QU51-280, 8QU51-280 and 10QU51-280
6CU85250 Replacement Filter6CU85-250
We also manufacture the 4CU85-250, 8CU85-250 and 10CU85-250
6QU85-250 Replacement Filter6QU85-250
We also manufacture the 4QU85-250, 8QU85-250 and 10QU85-250
6CU85-360 Replacement Filter 6CU85-360
We also manufacture the 4CU85-360, 8CU85-360 and 10CU85-360
6QU85-360 Replacement Filter6QU85-360
We also manufacture the 4QU85-360, 8CU85-360 and 10CU85-360
Parker DLS113 Replacement FilterParker DLS113
Parker DLS113 Short Replacement Filter Parker DLS113 Short

Below is a partial list of competitors we can cross reference. Allied Group can manufacture coalescing filters for most any application, and cross reference most manufacturers Part Numbers. We have the capability to manufacture filters from 0.50" ID x 0.50" long to over 8" on the OD and 8 feet long.

We manufacture 5 Grades

A: 99.995%
B: 99.97%
C: 98.5%
D: 95%
E: Adsorber (carbon)

Applications vary, but we manufacture for a variety of applications and industries:

  • Air Brake Coalescing Filter
  • Air Brake Systems that use Coalescing Filters
  • Compressed Air Systems
  • Compressors that requite a high efficiency Coalescing Filter
  • Coalescing Oil for almost any application
  • Coalescing Filters used in the Refrigeration Industry

You can create your own PN by using the chart below, or send us your drawing for us to either duplicate your current filter or have us manufacture a custom filter for your application.

Microglass Filter Product Key

Parker Grade
4 = 99.9995%
6 = 99.97%
8 = 98.5%
10 = 95%
A = 99.995%
B = 99.97%
C = 98.5%
D = 95%
E = absorber
Grade A
ID Core
P = Plastic
M = Metal
Blank =
No Core
ID OD Length OD Core
P = Plastic
M = Metal
Blank =
No OD Core
D = Drain Layer
Blank =
No Drain Layer
N = Netting
Blank =
No Outside Netting
U = Urethane
S = Silicon
M = Metal
Blank =
No Seal

We can manufacture other sizes. Just let us know your requirements.

OD standard sizes 0.5 / 0.75 / 1.00 / 1.5 / 1.75 / 2.00 / 2.5

We can manufacture other sizes. Just let us know your requirements.

Length standard sizes - 1" - 1.25" - 1.5" - 2.00" / 2.5" / 5.00" / 6.00" / 7.50" / 10.00" / 12.00" / 18.00"

We can manufacture other sizes. Just let us know your requirements.

*G04-010 10T10-025 2H15-095 6C25-280 8CS85-250
*G04-013 10T10-025 2H20-187 6CS51-280 8CS85-360
*G04-023 10T10-070 2HM06-013 6CS85-250 8CU10-025
*G10-025 10T10-070 2IU10-025 6CS85-360 8CU10-050
*G10-070 10T15-060 2IU10-050 6CU10-025 8CU10-055
*G15-060 10T20-090 2IU15-060 6CU10-050 8CU15-060
*G20-090 10T20-187 2IU15-095 6CU10-055 8CU15-095
*G20-187 10U10-050 2IU20-130 6CU15-060 8CU19-187
*T04-010 12C10-025 2IU20-187 6CU15-095 8CU20-130
*T04-013 12C10-050 2IU25-130 6CU19-187 8CU20-187
*T04-023 12C15-060 2IU25-187 6CU20-130 8CU25-130
*T10-025 12C15-095 2IU25-235 6CU20-187 8CU25-187
*T10-070 12C20-130 2IU25-280 6CU25-130 8CU25-235
*T15-060 12C20-187 4C10-025 6CU25-187 8CU25-280
*T20-090 12C25-130 4C10-050 6CU25-235 8CU35-280
*T20-187 12C25-187 4C15-060 6CU25-280 8CU51-280
10C10-025 12C25-235 4C15-095 6CU35-060 8CU85-250
10C10-050 12C25-280 4C20-130 6CU35-280 8CU85-360
10C15-060 12CS51-280 4C20-187 6CU35-360 8DS10-025
10C15-095 12CS85-250 4C25-130 6CU51-280 8DS10-050
10C20-130 12CS85-360 4C25-187 6CU85-250 8DS15-060
10C20-187 12CU10-025 4C25-235 6CU85-280 8DS15-095
10C25-130 12CU10-050 4C25-280 6CU85-360 8DS20-130
10C25-187 12CU15-060 4CS51-280 6DS10-025 8DS20-187
10C25-235 12CU15-095 4CS85-250 6DS10-050 8DS25-130
10C25-280 12CU20-130 4CS85-360 6DS15-060 8DS25-187
10CS51-280 12CU20-187 4CU10-025 6DS15-095 8DS25-235
10CS85-250 12CU25-130 4CU10-050 6DS20-130 8DS25-280
10CS85-360 12CU25-187 4CU10-055 6DS20-187 8DS35-280
10CU10-025 12CU25-235 4CU15-060 6DS25-130 8DS51-280
10CU10-050 12CU25-280 4CU15-095 6DS25-187 8DS85-250
10CU10-055 12CU35-280 4CU19-187 6DS25-235 8DS85-360
10CU15-060 12CU51-280 4CU20-130 6DS25-280 8DV51-280
10CU15-095 12CU85-250 4CU20-187 6DS35-280 8DV85-250
10CU19-187 12CU85-360 4CU25-130 6DS51-280 8DV85-360
10CU20-130 12DS10-025 4CU25-187 6DS85-250 8G04-013
10CU20-187 12DS10-050 4CU25-235 6DS85-360 8G04-023
10CU25-130 12DS15-060 4CU25-280 6DV51-280 8G05-011
10CU25-187 12DS15-095 4CU35-280 6DV85-250 8G10-025
10CU25-235 12DS20-130 4CU51-280 6DV85-360 8G10-050
10CU25-280 12DS20-187 4CU85-250 6G04-013 8G10-070
10CU35-280 12DS25-130 4CU85-360 6G04-023 8G15-060
10CU51-280 12DS25-187 4DS10-025 6G05-011 8G15-095
10CU85-250 12DS25-235 4DS10-050 6G10-025 8G20-187
10CU85-360 12DS25-280 4DS15-060 6G10-050 8H04-010
10DS10-025 12DS35-280 4DS15-095 6G10-070 8H04-013
10DS10-050 12DS51-280 4DS20-130 6G15-060 8H04-023
10DS15-060 12DS85-250 4DS20-187 6G15-095 8H05-011
10DS15-095 12DS85-360 4DS25-130 6G20-187 8H10-020
10DS20-130 2C10-025 4DS25-187 6H04-010 8H10-025
10DS20-187 2C10-050 4DS25-235 6H04-013 8H10-050
10DS25-130 2C15-060 4DS25-280 6H04-023 8H10-070
10DS25-187 2C15-095 4DS35-280 6H05-011 8H15-060
10DS25-235 2C20-130 4DS51-280 6H10-020 8H15-095
10DS25-280 2C20-187 4DS85-250 6H10-025 8H20-035
10DS35-280 2C25-130 4DS85-360 6H10-050 8H20-090
10DS51-280 2C25-187 4DV51-280 6H10-070 8H20-187
10DS85-250 2C25-235 4DV85-250 6H15-060 8HM06-013
10DS85-360 2C25-280 4DV85-360 6H15-095 8IU10-025
10DV51-280 2CS51-280 4G04-013 6H20-035 8IU15-060
10DV85-250 2CS85-250 4G04-023 6H20-084 8IU15-095
10DV85-360 2CS85-360 4G05-011 6H20-090 8IU20-130
10G04-013 2CU10-025 4G10-025 6H20-181 8IU20-187
10G04-023 2CU10-050 4G10-050 6H20-187 8IU25-130
10G05-011 2CU10-055 4G10-070 6HM06-013 8IU25-187
10G10-025 2CU15-060 4G15-060 6IU10-025 8IU25-235
10G10-050 2CU15-095 4G15-095 6IU10-050 8IU25-280
10G10-070 2CU19-187 4G20-187 6IU15-060 8U10-050
10G15-060 2CU20-130 4H04-013 6IU15-095 AU10-025
10G15-095 2CU20-187 4H04-023 6IU20-130 AU10-035
10G20-187 2CU25-130 4H05-011 6IU20-187 AU10-050
10H04-010 2CU25-187 4H10-025 6IU25-130 AU10-055
10H04-013 2CU25-235 4H10-050 6IU25-187 AU15-060
10H04-023 2CU25-280 4H10-070 6IU25-235 AU15-095
10H05-011 2CU35-280 4H15-060 6IU25-280 AU20-130
10H10-020 2CU51-280 4H15-095 6T04-013 AU20-187
10H10-025 2CU85-250 4H20-187 6T04-023 AU25-130
10H10-050 2CU85-360 4HM06-013 6T04-023 AU25-187
10H10-070 2DV51-280 4IU10-025 6T10-025 AU25-235
10H15-060 2DV85-250 4IU10-050 6T10-025 AU25-280
10H15-095 2DV85-360 4IU15-060 6T10-070 AU35-280
10H20-035 2G04-013 4IU15-095 6T10-070 AU51-280
10H20-090 2G04-023 4IU20-130 6T15-060 AU85-250
10H20-187 2G05-011 4IU20-187 6T20-090 AU85-360
10HM06-013 2G10-025 4IU25-130 6T20-090 AV51-280
10IU10-025 2G10-050 4IU25-187 6T20-187 AV85-250
10IU15-060 2G10-070 4IU25-235 8C10-025 AV85-360
10IU15-095 2G15-060 4IU25-280 8C10-050 CLS 112-10
10IU20-130 2G15-095 6C10-025 8C15-060 CLS 112-6
10IU20-187 2G20-187 6C10-050 8C15-095 CLS 112
10IU25-130 2H04-013 6C15-060 8C20-130 CLS 110
10IU25-187 2H04-023 6C15-095 8C20-187 CLS 110L
10IU25-235 2H05-011 6C20-130 8C25-130 CLS 116
10IU25-280 2H10-025 6C20-187 8C25-187
10T04-013 2H10-050 6C25-130 8C25-235
10T04-023 2H10-070 6C25-187 8C25-280
10T04-023 2H15-060 6C25-235 8CS51-280