Resin Bonded Filters

Allied Group’s Resin Bonded Filters are made of wrapped cellulose media impregnated with phenolic resin and are highly corrosion resistant to hydrocarbons and many chemicals. Depth Filtration takes place as the Fluids, Air or Gases flow through the media. We can vary the porosity, micron, strength and wall thickness to achieve the desired results. Allied Groups resin bonded filter is one of the strongest paper/cellulose filters available, withstanding very high Delta P.People also refer to our Resin Bonded Filters as Wrapped Paper Tubes or Wrapped Paper Filters.

Standard Specifications

Material: Phenolic resin impregnated cellulose media (non-woven and wet laid paper)

Configuration: Cylindrical

ID: as small as 0.18”
OD: as large as 6”
Wall Thickness: 0.10” to 1.00”
Length: 36.00” (we have capability to go up to 96”)

Operating temperatures: -100f to over 350f

Filtration Micron Rating: 0.3 to over 100 (40 micron is our standard element)


In-Line Filters: Removal of contaminants from hydraulic oil, compressed air/gas, chemicals and a variety of other applications
Breathers: Tank Breathers, Engine, Fuel, Air and any application where you need to keep contaminants out of a system.
Filter Cores: Used as filter cores and retainers for other filter applications requiring a strong porous support core.
Silencers/Mufflers:  Reducing noise from Blowers, Compressors, Pumps and any machine that needs to be have the decibel level reduced.