Fiberglass Filters

Allied Group manufactured high quality Fiberglass Filters for Compressed Air, Gas and Liquid-Liquid Separation.

Filters are used extensively in the Oil and Gas industry and for oil water separation and any other hydrocarbon/water separation.

Allied Group’s Liquid-Liquid coalescers can separate any two immiscible liquids. Commercially available, we can separate fuel and water, or, oil and water, so efficiently that the effluent can contain 1 PPM or less of the unwanted liquid,and performs the separation in a single pass through our filter.

Our manufacturing process produces fiberglass filters with Inside Diameters from 1.00” to over 6.00” and lengths up to 96”. We can vary the micron and introduce different media within the layers of fiberglass to achieve microns from 0.3 to 100. We can also vary the density for applications that require this.

We can provide the raw fiberglass tube, or we can provide the tube in various stages, including finished filter elements; end caps, cotton sock, screen wrap on outside layer, metal or plastic center tubes and outer tubes or any combination needed.

Filter applications include, but not limited, to the following:

CNG (Compressed Natural Gas)
Compressed Air
Diesel/Water Separation
Transformer Oil
Vacuum Dehydration
Oil/Water Separation